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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Origin of Crime Axis® Data?

Crime Axis® data is derived from the NIBRS (National Incident-Based Reporting System), which is an incident-based reporting system utilized by law enforcement agencies across the United States. This system serves as a means for these agencies to collect and report data concerning various criminal incidents. NIBRS data is generated by local, state, and federal agencies through their records management systems.

Is Crime Axis® Data Accurate?

While there is always a possibility of errors, we can assure you that crime axis® data is highly accurate. Our source of information is the FBI, and we meticulously review and refine this data more than 10 times for each crime type to ensure its accuracy.

What is the Extent of Your Data Coverage for Cities and States?

We have comprehensively surveyed all 50 states and over 7,000 cities, counties, metropolitan, and non-metropolitan areas within the United States.

How Frequently is Crime Axis® Data Updated?

Crime Axis® data is updated regularly to provide users with the most current information. Our updates are typically done on a monthly basis, ensuring that you have access to the latest crime statistics and trends.

Can Crime Axis® Data Be Used for Research and Analysis?

Yes, Crime Axis® data is a valuable resource for researchers and analysts. Many professionals in fields such as criminology, sociology, and law enforcement utilize our data to conduct research, analyze crime patterns, and develop strategies for crime prevention.